FreshlyBrewedIdeas Cluster #3–5 questions to ask before ending an interview

Sajan Mathew
3 min readApr 26, 2022

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Here are the top 5 ideas for April 26, 2022

Idea #1 — Ask questions before ending an interview to make the right choice

When ending a job interview, you are given time to ask questions to the interviewer. This time is as important as the rest of the interview because your decision to accept the job offer in case you are selected has potential long-term implications on your personal and professional life. Read about the five key questions to ask your interviewer(s) before the interview ends here.

Idea #2 — Create to-be achieved list instead of the to-do list

The internet is full of ideas on how to better organize your work to get more meaningful stuff done in less time with less pain but All of these ideas doesn’t solve all kinds of problem and for everyone. Brie Wolfson, Kool-Aid Factory founder shares a technique to get things done. This technique is called Ongoing Stack Rank (OSR). This is a more effective to-do list. It doesn’t list the task to be done but the outputs of those tasks. The outputs are defined as shippable units of work. Phrasing your to-be-done tasks as outputs to be achieved helps remind you that you can only check it off once it’s completed. Further, you could also include the status and order the outputs by priority so that it tells you what you should work on first.

To further simplify, there is another technique called It’s Only the Weekend When” Post-it.

Ideas#3 — Focus on I-N-O-V-A-T-E to find support or remove hurdles for your best ideas and efforts

Ideas are not born from companies but they come from the individuals working inside them. When you find a lack of…



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