FreshlyBrewedIdeas Cluster #3–5 questions to ask before ending an interview

Sajan Mathew
9 min readApr 26, 2022

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Here are the top 5 ideas for April 26, 2022

Idea #1 — Ask questions before ending an interview to make the right choice

When ending a job interview, you are given time to ask questions to the interviewer. This time is as important as rest of the interview because your decision to accept the job offer in case you are selected has potential long-term implications on your personal and professional life. Here are the five key questions to ask your interviewer(s) before the interview ends.

- What do you personally like most and most challenging about working for this organization?

Probing interviewers with this question can give you a first-hand insight into the pros and cons of the workplace.

- What are the expected deliverables for this role over the next three to a year?

This is an important question to ask to know what the expectations are of you before you start. It also helps to see if the organization is organized enough to have thought about what they want from a new team member before they begin interviews.

- How will we both know that I have succeeded in this role?

It is difficult to define the success of a single metric or activity. So look for proof points in the interview. In some areas, it will be subjective, while in other areas, it will be objective. You’ll get an idea of what it means to do the job well, and whether the organization’s values align with yours.

- What are the learning and growth opportunities in this role and how do you help…



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