Ideas that are worth your 5 mins_Part 1

Sajan Mathew
6 min readJan 31

Here are some best actionable ideas that I have come across from people, books and articles.

1. Tackle retention issues with stay interviews

If you are a manager, you would agree that retaining people is challenging and a bit tricky when one day they are all happy and engaged and the next day they come to you about their decision to move on. I think every manager should be supportive of their team member’s growth and at the same time make sure their decision to leave the organization to grow is not stemming from the issues that could have been addressed proactively. This idea speaks to conducting “stay” interviews to proactively identify issues and problems and solve them so that you don’t lose highly engaged and motivated employees.

You ask your loyal employees some key questions to understand how engaged they are. Here are the four suggested questions :

  • What’s your frame of mind today? Listen to their response, appreciate their honesty and engage them in creating a solution.
  • Who do you feel connected to at work? Explore ways to deepen those relationships because the glue that connects us to our colleagues also connects us to our companies. Finding ways for people to regularly connect socially and build relationships will extend their shelf life in the organization.
  • What do you want to learn that will excite you and help you grow? This question indicates that you genuinely care for their growth and development and want to help them achieve their aspirations.
  • What barriers can I remove for you to help you do your job better? Understand the barriers from their perspective and communicate what actions you could take to solve them or brainstorm with them on potential solutions.

I would like to one additional question from my side to his list of questions:

  • How do you currently find your work-life balance, and how would you like to improve it? This is not only about offering more benefits but understanding and supporting their life outside work in a meaningful way.

2. Leverage halo effect when starting a new job



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