Introducing FreshlyBrewedIdeas

Sajan Mathew
2 min readMar 22, 2022

Internet has indeed made the distribution of knowledge and ideas more faster, wider and efficient and there is a wealth of knowledge floating around us in all possible forms of media — video, podcasts, newsletters, blogs, articles, books, and even insightful LinkedIn posts. I consume a lot of these contents on a daily basis and pick up many great ideas and perspectives to improve everything I do, be a better version of myself or do things differently.

While there is so much knowledge and information to consume, we all have limited brain power and time to retain and reflect. I started building my version of the Second Brain almost a year ago where I capture and save all these takeaways. And when LinkedIn opened up their newsletter feature to me, I thought why not share these ideas and knowledge with everyone. And that led to the idea of launching ‘FreshBrewedIdeas’.

FreshlyBrewedIdeas is a biweekly newsletter, that will be available in various media formats across different platforms where I look forward to sharing ideas, thought leadership, things that inspired me, and insights that can spur creativity and generate curiosity in you.

The plan is to share with you every 2 weeks, 5 interesting ideas and takeaways I had from various sources I follow. The sources that I regularly follow includes Harvard Business Review, FastCompany, Strategy+Business, TheMuse, Business Insider and many other interesting blogs and YouTubers. The ideas will range from productivity, personal growth, strategy, leadership, and technology.

The FreshlyBrewedIdeas will be available to you to read, watch and listen to so that you can learn and follow in the format that you prefer the most:

  1. Read — LinkedIn and Medium
  2. Watch — Youtube and Instagram
  3. Listen — Podcast

I believe learning can only grow if you share. Subscribe to FreshlyBrewedIdeas and start receiving you dose of knowledge starting next week!

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